Black Phantom


  • Single-ended Class A circuit designed around an EL34 power tube, GZ34 rec tube and 12AX7 preamp tube for an output of 12 watts ‘clean’
  • British overdrive and American clean tones, customizable with other tube compliments
  • USA-made transformers and a turret board populated with top-shelf & new-old-stock (NOS) components chosen by ear
  • Custom-designed, lightweight pine 1 x 10″ cabinet with a Celestion G10M Greenback speaker (optional 1 x 12″ with a Celestion Blue)
  • Controls – on/standby/off switch, single channel with hi & lo inputs, volume, tone, deep & tight mini-toggle switches
  • Designed to operate with all common octal rec tubes, octal power tubes and 12A-type preamp tubes. Cathode-biased, so there’s no need for bias adjustment when changing tubes
  • Available in two versions: Black tolex w/ nickel hardware or Black tweed w/ gold hardware
  • Proudly wired by hand in Knoxville, Tenn., USA

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Product Description

Good news, amp lovers — When it comes to guitar tone, your perfect match is now SINGLE. Meet the Black Phantom, a new single-ended tube amplifier from Bolt Electric Amplification. It’s love at first chord.

A twist of the volume knob brings tube overdrive and addictive harmonics, lush tube compression and the gain structure that guitarists crave. As the volume and tone controls are backed off, the Black Phantom is pure bluesy clean with a touch of hair — think classic, American mid-size ‘tweed’ — rich in harmonics and thick tube tone. Introducing the Black Phantom from Bolt Electric Amplification, a single-ended Class A amplifier designed around an EL34 power tube. Not just another vintage circuit in new dress, we designed this amplifier from the ground up. Handwired point-to-point on a turret board using a mix of high-end boutique, NOS (new-old-stock) and military-spec components picked for sound and function, not price. It’s pure tube amplification, with no superfluous additions in the path to detract from the signal.

Versatility Through Glass
The Black Phantom is stocked with a GZ34 rectifier tube, EL34 power tube and 12AX7 preamp tube, but an outstanding feature is the ability to sub in most octal rectifier and power tubes alongside any 9-pin / 12A-type preamp tube. Want a little more headroom and volume? Try a solid-state rectifier plugin paired with a 6L6GC power tube. Even more? Sub a 12AT7 in place of the 12AX7. Want thick, tube overdrive or glassy cleans at a lower volume? Run a 5Y3 rectifier with a 6V6GT power tube. Every step alters the tone and provides added versatility for stage or studio. And with its cathode-biased power section, you’ll never need to manually bias the Black Phantom when changing tubes.

Retro-Modern Looks, Classic Vibe
A futuristic homage to the art-deco amps of yesterday, our unique cabinet design is handmade out of solid, finger-jointed pine, utilizing a floating Baltic birch baffle, offset speaker and custom rear cutouts. The material, added mass and smart porting allow for a controlled low-end response and added resonance, and the cab’s manageable weight is a welcome feature for players on the go.

The Black Phantom is available in two versions: black tolex with silver appointments and black tweed with gold appointments. Either cabinet may be ordered with a 12” baffle, also offered as an accessory for guitarists who want both 10” and 12” speaker options.

Designed, manufactured and completely wired by hand in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Additional Information


Black tolex, Black tweed

Stock tube configuration

GZ34 rectifier, EL34 power tube, 12AX7 preamp tube


12w clean, 19w max


120v, 60hz

Total weight

with G10M Greenback 10″, 30lbs. (13.6kg); with AlNiCo Blue 12″, 36lbs. (16.3kg)


on/standby/off switch, single channel with hi & lo inputs, volume, tone, deep & tight switches

Additional info

Operates with most octal rec tubes, octal power tubes and 12A-type preamp tubes
Cathode-biased, no need for bias adjustment when changing tubes
USA-made transformers and premium, top-shelf components chosen by ear


Celestion UK-Made AlNiCo Blue 12″, Celestion UK-Made Greenback G10 10″

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